Rocha Brava

Rocha Brava

Rocha Brava was developed in 1983 by a well known British company: Trafalgar House plc and stands on nearly 9 hectares of beautiful communal gardens.

There are 410 units:

378 are apartments, town houses and linked villas. Additionally, there are also 32 detached villas with their own private swimming pools and gardens.

As well as buying an apartment or villa outright, there are many properties available as a ‘quarter share’ which is a scheme where there are four owners.

The friendly staff on the main Reception are always there to help and have a fountain of knowledge of the surrounding area.

You can visit and discover all you need to know about the resort.

The following are some important points for your information:

The condominium Charge

Quarter Share Dates

Site Plan 







The Condominium Charge

The Maintenance Charge - Rocha Brava Resort

How does it work?

Every property in the resort, regardless of the use that each owner has (for renting, holidays or permanent use) pays a fee towards the upkeep of the facilities for common use.

What are the services covered?

* Keep the Reception open 24 hours throughout the whole year
* Plant, cultivate and maintain the gardens
* Maintain the three swimming pools plus the covered winter heated pool.
* Maintain the children's playground
* Collect the garbage daily (there are containers all over the resort which are emptied daily)
* Paint the outside of the buildings whenever necessary (usually every 4 years)
* Maintain a security service which works from 4.00 p.m to 8.00 a.m
* Collect the mail from the Post Office and keep it at Reception to hand to clients
* Air and inspect the properties when unoccupied
* Pay bills on behalf of owners like water, electricity, telephone, insurance 

The above information forms part of the 'Titulo Constitutivo'. This is a document that outlines the obligations of both owners and management of the touristic resorts here in Portugal.

In March of every year a General Assembly of owners is called, its main purpose being to approve the budget for the year and to ratify the accounts for the previous year. All owners are invited to attend. 




Quarter Share Dates

 A 'Quarter Share' is a property owned by four parties.

There are four periods A, B, C and D, which comprise of the following dates for 2021:

Period ‘A’ (Damasco)

1 June – 15 July

1 November – 15 December



Period ‘B’ (Lima)

 16 March – 30 April

16 – 31 July

1 – 31 October


Period ‘C’ (Videira)

 1 – 31 January

1 – 31 May

1 – 15 August

16 – 31 December

Period ‘D’ (Laranja)

1 February – 15 March

16 August – 30 September



These four periods rotate for four years until the fifth year when they start again, as below:







Phone: +351 282 359 533
(call to national landline network)
Mobile: +351 966 211 634
(call to national mobile network)